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Sam 8 Jan - 21:19

Skully Naïs

Manager & Interprète

Age : 27
Humeur : Play, play, play !
Localisation : Breizhland
Messages : 1174


Talk badly to someone else (rude, swear words etc)
Just think before talking that way to someone, it might be very hurtful .

Use text messaging language
In order to be understood by everybody, write cleary please.

Do "Subject Out"
If you want to talk about something new or create a topic : make a research to know if there is not already a similar subject Wink

Be too rude
Difficult to find the limits of what is rude or not. So just do not use swear words.

Do double posts
Do not post two following posts in the same topic please. You can use the Edit button.

This is completly forbidden here, every single message will be deleted. Everybody has the right to be here.

The sellings (concert tickets etc) have to be at the bought price. The forum is not an auction sell.

Personal data
Never communicate personal data on the board! We never know who is behind a pseudo !!!

The administrators and moderators reserve themselves the right to edit, modify, cancel a post/topic/profile if necessary. Thank you for respecting their work and applying the rules of the board to ease their work.

We hope we will have a very good time on the board! Smile


So damn hardcore!

Live as a winner
Die as a sinner

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